The counseling center in Saxony-Anhalt

veritas - the counseling center for people affected by conspiracy narratives in Saxony-Anhalt - supports the environment of conspiracy believers. We advise you if you feel burdened by people who spread conspiracy narratives. We would like to alleviate the pressure of your suffering and, under certain circumstances, enable you to re-establish a relationship with the person in question.

Workshops and Trainings

Whether at a family party, with friends or at work - many people feel overwhelmed when conspiracy narratives are used as arguments. This makes it all the more important to find a constructive way of dealing with conspiracy narratives. That is why we offer workshops and training courses on conspiracy narratives throughout Germany.

Certification Course

Social workers and adult educators are repeatedly confronted with conspiracy narratives in their work. For this reason, veritas has been offering an annual certification course on dealing with conspiracy narratives for educational professionals since 2021. In seven modules that build on each other, participants learn not only factual knowledge about conspiracy narratives, but also pedagogical tools and various methods for political education.

Tips for dealing with conspiracy believers

If relatives or friends are attached to conspiracy narratives, this can not only lead to incomprehension and perplexity, but also harbors a high potential for conflict. This is often accompanied by a high level of psychological and emotional stress. Attempts to refute the conspiratorial narratives on the basis of facts usually come to nothing or lead to a hardening of the fronts.

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